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Installation of Eclipse on Ubuntu

·1 min

ubuntu screen

  1. Download eclipse from its official site:

  2. Get the latest eclipse from downloads page according to your system OS and configuration. (In my case it is Linux, 64 bit)

eclipse download

  1. Extract the folder and open the eclipse-installer folder. Right click on eclipse-installer and choose “Run”

  2. Choose “Eclipse IDE for java Developers” and select “Install” button.

eclipse installer

  1. Accept the agreement. Check “Remember accepted licenses” and Accept.

eclipse license

  1. If it prompts any type of certificates accept all certificates and click on “Accept selected”.

eclipse certificate

  1. After installation is completed, click on “Launch” button to launch eclipse.

eclipse launch

  1. First screen will be welcome page. Close it and get started to write your first code in eclipse.

eclipse welcome